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Disklavier Pianos for sale in Boise

One of the largest selections of pianos in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you need a piano for your home, business, church, or school...we have options for you.

Yamaha blends master craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to provide a solution for every need .

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos 

Welch Music in Boise, ID offers Yamaha Disklavier in our piano store. Come in and see what makes owning a Disklavier so special!

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This Is What Cutting Edge Sounds Like

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos are the worlds most technologically advanced acoustic piano. Disklavier Pianos have integrated technology that makes it more than a piano. 

Disklavier enhances your ability to create and capture your music the way you intended it to sound. The Disklavier can be easily integrated into professional and home studios, or used as a standalone music production instrument. 

  • Disklavier Enspire Pro
  • Disklavier Enspire Standard
  • Disklavier Enspire Classic
  • Yamaha DKC-900 Upgrade Kit tablet

    Your Performance Optimized 

    A music tool for musicians, Disklavier offers a wide range of uses for performers, composers and recording engineers. Yamaha Pianos are the most COMMERCIALLY RECORDED and PERFORMED ON instruments in the world. 

    DisklavierTV: Streams live concerts from venues around the world. Each broadcast includes audio and visual components, as well as MIDI data that plays your Disklavier in sync with the artist's live performance. DisklavierTV is free when you subscribe to Piano Radio. 

    Disklavier Radio: Imagine your favorite artists performing in your home! With moving keys and real acoustic sound, Piano Radio brings your instrument to life and creates the perfect atmosphere with access to more than 30 channels of streaming piano music on your Disklavier piano. 

    Yamaha MusicSoft: Let your Disklavier entertain you with new music on Yamaha MusicSoft. It is your source for the best Disklavier music available. With thousands of titles, from classical to jazz to the latest pop hits, you'll find something for every taste. How we deliver that great content is up to you. 

    Why Our Disklavier Pianos? 

    At the heart of every Disklavier is a superb Yamaha Acoustic Piano - The most recorded and performed-on pianos in the world. 

    Optical key, hammer and pedal sensors capture every nuance of the performance resulting in unparalleled playback accuracy. 

    Precision playback gives writers and composures the ability to instantly review their musical ideas and creations. 

    MIDI and audio connectivity allows the Disklavier to be integrated with any modern recording program on your computer or mobile device.

    Call now for more information on our Disklavier pianos 208-322-3388. 

    What is a Yamaha Disklavier piano?

    The Disklavier piano is the only reproducing piano that captures the performance. You can record recitals and concerts or rehearsals and sync them to video to play them back on your piano.

    How much does a Disklavier piano cost?

    The price of Disklavier pianos can vary based on the model. Contact us for more information at 208-322-3388.

    How does a Disklavier work?

    Sensors record the movements of the keys, hammers, and pedals during a recital or performance. The system then saves the performance data as a Standard MIDI File (SMF).

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