Disklavier For Your School

The Disklavier was originally conceived and crafted as a tool to empower music education. Improve learning with visual masterclasses, piano performance analytics, distance learning and more. The Disklavier is the only reproducing piano that incorporates a fully-integrated record and playback system. With 1024 levels of key velocity and 256 increments of positional pedaling, the Disklavier gives your school unlimited potential.

The Remote Masterclass

The modern music institution can provide top tier artists and educators a platform to host a masterclass from around the globe.

Distance Learning

Remove geographic boundaries from the learning experience.

Remote Auditions

Empower students to audition anywhere around the world, making music education more accessible.

Artistic Versatility

Whether the student is center stage playing a senior recital, or a world-renowned artist is giving a concert; the Disklavier redefines performance expectations.


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