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Disklavier Pro - Welch Music | Boise Idaho

Disklavier Enspire PRO



Disklavier Standard - Welch Music | Boise Idaho

Disklavier Enspire Standard



Disklavier Classic - Welch Music | Boise Idaho

Disklavier Enspire Classic



Disklavier Enspire Home | Welch Music Boise

For Your Home


Disklavier Enspire Business | Welch Music Boise

For Your Business






Disklavier Enspire Church | Welch Music Boise

For Your Church


Disklavier Enspire Stage | Welch Music Boise

For Your School


More Than Just A Player Piano 


Disklavier TV

DisklavierTV streams live concerts from venues around the world. Each broadcast includes audio and visual components, as well as MIDI data that plays your Disklavier in sync with the artist's live performance. DisklavierTV is free when you subscribe to Piano Radio.


Disklavier Radio

Imagine your favorite artists performing in your home! With moving keys and real acoustic sound, Piano Radio brings your instrument to life and creates the perfect atmosphere with access to more than 30 channels of streaming piano music on your Disklavier piano.


Yamaha MusicSoft

Let your Disklavier entertain you with new music on Yamaha MusicSoft. It is your source for the best Disklavier music available. With thousands of titles, from classical to jazz to the latest pop hits, you'll find something for every taste. How we deliver that great content is up to you.


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