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Woodwind Instruments in Boise

Your recording sessions won’t be great with low-quality music instruments. You need top-class woodwind family instruments for sale.  

You've found the store with flutes, piccolos, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and horns!

No one in the Boise and Meridian area has the kind of quality music brands we have — plus at a low price!  

New Flutes, Saxophones & More

The right woodwind instrument delivers an incredible music performance.

Finally you can create distortion-free music. 

And you hear the highs and lows as you play instruments to create a cool video or recording session.

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Benefits of Buying Woodwind Instruments from Us  

  • The Best Selection in the Treasure Valley
  • New and Pre-Owned Options
  • Affordable Options
  • Rental Options That Let You Swap Out Instruments
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Double Reed Instruments for sale

We offer quality yet affordable music instruments — that all musicians would love! 

With the top brands like Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha, Powell, Yanagisawa, and more, we get you the best musical instruments made with a good setup and tuning.

What are woodwind instruments?

A woodwind is a type of musical instrument that you play by blowing into its mouthpiece. Flutes, clarinets, and saxophones are all woodwinds.

How do woodwinds make sounds?

Air is blown across the reed attached to the mouthpiece of the instrument, vibrating the air down the tube of the instrument to produce the sounds.

What is the easiest woodwind instrument to play?

The recorder is surveyed to be the cheapest and easiest woodwind instrument to learn. It is a good instrument for children under the age of 10 because of the capability and it is inexpensive.

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