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Rent Instruments in Boise & Meridian 

Save yourself time and money and rent an instrument with Welch Music. Offering a vast supply of band & orchestra instruments and supplies.

  • Month-to-Month and Rent-to-Own Plans
  • Simple Exchange Option(s)
  • No Obligation to Purchase
  • School Band Instrument Rentals

    We coordinate with your local music teacher or marching band for an easy rental plan.

    No need to come to our Boise store, your child's instrument will be waiting for them in class as quickly as Tuesday and Thursday.

    Trusted with your school rentals for over 40 years!   

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    As Low as $18.08 per month

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    Violin, Cello, Guitar Rentals & More

    Welch Music specializes in helping parents and teachers manage the needs of their students for orchestra and band equipment. We have new as well as high quality used instruments for rental or purchase.

    Save yourself time and money and rent your instrument with Welch Music! 

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    Music Equipment Rental

    We offer a simple month-to-month rent to own plan for new and used band and orchestra instruments. While you are under no obligation to purchase, the payments made monthly (minus maintenance and tax) are applied towards the purchase of the instrument.

    We also offer a simple exchange option in case your student decides to switch instruments or upgrade to a step up instrument. We will apply half of the principal paid towards the new instrument.

    Welch Music Center offers instruments through Yamaha and Conn-Selmer who have been trusted in schools for more than half a century.

    If you are interested in an instrument we don't have listed or a step-up professional model, please contact us.  

    Is renting an instrument more affordable than buying?

    Yes, renting an instrument is an affordable option because you don't pay outright for the instrument which can sometimes cost hundreds or thousands of options?

    Why would I rent an instrument?

    Sometimes children or beginning musicians are "testing" out instruments. Renting an instrument gives you the advantage of "testing" out an instrument before you commit to the full price.

    How long can I rent an instrument for?

    We offer a simple month-to-month rent to own plan for new and used band and orchestra instruments.  

    What instruments can I rent?

    We rent guitars, band, drum, and orchestra instruments. As low as $18.08 per month.

    Violins and cellos are popular to rent, including keyboards, flutes and trumpets. Plus you can choose 'rent to own'.

    Can I exchange my rental?

    We offer a simple exchange option in case you decide to switch instruments. In addition, we offer to upgrade to a step up instrument.

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