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Affordable Orchestra Instruments in Boise

Your recording sessions won’t be great with low-quality music instruments. Finding the best store with top-class orchestra instruments is a priority. 

You have found the best cellos, violas, violins, electric violins, and string bases. 

No one in the Boise and Meridian area has the kind of quality music brands we have — plus at a low price! 

New Violins, Cellos & More

The right symphony instruments deliver an incredible music performance. With proper materials and precise fabrication, they produce perfect sound.

Your best way to create distortion-free music.

And you hear the highs and lows as you play the instrument to create a cool video or recording session.

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Benefits of Buying a String Instrument from Us 

  • World-class accessories like bows, bridges, chin-rests 
  • Inventory of more than 100 string instruments 
  • Expert advice by experienced servicemen 
  • A variety of brands to fit your budget 
  • New & used instruments 
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Symphony Equipment For Sale

We offer quality yet affordable orchestra instruments — that all musicians would love!

With the top brands like Amati, Yamaha, and Sennheiser, we get you the best musical instruments made with a good setup and tuning.


How much does a new orchestra instrument cost? 

The cost of each orchestra instrument varies. An average price for a children's violin ranges from $200-600 while an advanced one can cost anywhere between $900-$5000. 

With that said, several factors play a role in how much an orchestra instrument cost. Plus, you also have to consider the price of the accessories like bows, protective cases, etc.  

What are the most needed instruments for an orchestra? 

You can consider the following instruments are the most needed:
●    Double basses
●    Violins
●    Cellos
●    Violas
Violins are the most needed instrument of the group. They usually employ two groups — one to play the melody and another to play the accompaniment. 

What is the easiest orchestra instrument to learn to play? 

Many students wonder, which instrument is more difficult: the violin or cello? Students who have tried orchestra instruments tend to say the cello is easiest to learn due to its more natural position.

However, the position of the violin can feel weird at first, but high school violinists insist that it becomes natural over time.

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